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Blood Bank

A comprehensive product portfolio for any blood service facility’s requirements. Our range of market leader brands provide solutions for donors screening, blood collection, blood component processing, TTI screening and blood storage making sure that the blood products produced do not only meet quality standards but also safe for transfusion.

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  • Multiple safety systems = focused on donor / patient safety
  • Yield prediction for stem cell collection
  • Built-in printer and BP cuff

Compomat G5+


  • Flexibility to work with all blood bag types on the market
  • Maximised efficiency
  • Reduced risk of RSI and hemolysis
  • Advanced technological platform
  • Exchangeable modules for automatic breaking of standard blood bag breaker cannulas



  • Faster procedure setup
  • Streamlined collection with fewer alerts and less operator intervention
  • Advanced alarm management



  • Filtration efficiency < 0.1 x 106 residual leukocytes
  • PLT recovery: averaging 92% platelet recovery
  • Filtration time: averaging 5.30 min



  • Filtration efficiency averaging less than 0.5 x 105 residual leukocytes
  • RCC recovery: averaging > 90%
  • Filtration time: averaging less than 12 min



  • Patented waferless solution
  • Operates within a fully controlled sterile connecting process
  • Enables the highly efficient chain pooling method for pooling buffy coats
  • Certifications: CE marked, UL approved



  • Enhanced ergonomics with push-button convenience
  • Simplified operation and space-saving design
  • Quick run set-up and standardization
  • Improved capacity to maximize productivity
  • Latest global safety and compliance standards