Providing Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions


Central Laboratory

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for Hematology, Immunology/Serology, Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Microscopy. These range of products share a common characteristic strength of being globally renowned, standard for which other instrumentations are measured and the market leaders in the industry. This capability allows us to provide a whole set-up for the clinical laboratory to deliver diagnostic services to the patients.

Chemistry | Immunology | Histopathology | Molecular | Hematology | Microscopy

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  • Can be used with all reagents
  • Automatic start upon dispensing reagent
  • Employs an opto-mechanical measuring system
  • Maintenance-free

Thrombotimer Consumables

  • Cuvette racks and balls
  • Reagent containers for Thrombotimer
  • Reagent containers ø 25mm
  • Reagent containers ø 30mm
  • Lids for reagent containers ø 25mm
  • Lids for reagent containers ø 30mm
  • Magnetic stirrers 12mm
  • Kaolin Suspension 0.5g/l 100ml