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Point of Care

POCT allows the testing to be done right at the patient bedside. Particularly useful at the emergency and critical care settings, POCT accelerates laboratory testing and results generation. With this, faster intervention and management are accorded to the patients. This capability has been made possible by significantly reducing sample transport, processing and providing faster turnaround time (TAT) of results.

Blood Gas | Cardiac Marker

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ABL 80 Flex


  • Blood gas, electrolytes, glucose
  • Suitable for mid to low volume settings
  • Class leading 60-day on board shelflife

ABL 90 Flex


  • Fastest time to result (35 sec)
  • Automatic calibration system checks, analysis checks & quality control
  • Accuracy and regulatory compliance

ABL 90 Flex Plus


  • With Creatinine and Urea
  • Automatic inlet and sample mixing
  • 45 ┬Ál micro mode for NICU

ABL 800 Flex


  • +10 years of proven performance
  • electrode technology for increased reliability
  • only FDA approved analyzer for pH pleural fluid analysis

Sensor Cassette


  • ABL 90

Solution Pack SP90


  • ABL 90

Paper Roll


  • ABL 90

Measuring Chamber


  • ABL 800

Gas 1 & Gas 2


  • ABL 800



  • ABL 800