Fresenius Kabi


Product Specification
Housing material PVC, flexible housing
Sterilization Gamma Irradiation
Shelf life 2 years
Storage bag Polyolefine or PVC/TOTM, 1000 ml
Filter priming inverted priming;
no prime with saline required
Prefilter available with 170 um prefilter for microaggregates removal
Laboratory and Bedside Filtration of Platelets

The BioP flex 05 is intended for platelet concentrate filtration by gravity. It is available for blood bank or bedside use within a wide variety of different system configurations for the filtration of platelet concentrates from buffy coats (pools of 4-6 units), random donor platelets (pools of 4-6 units), or equivalent apheresis units.

  • High quality blood components due to improved filtration efficiency and performance
  • User friendliness due to easy handling
  • High yields due to reduced hold-up volume
  • Time saving due to shortened filtration time
  • Melt blown non-woven polyester fibre
  • Non ionic coated fibre surface
  • Neither positively nor negatively charged
  • Excellent wetting characteristics
  • High biocompatibility