Fresenius Kabi

BioR flex

Product Specification
Filter for 1 unit of RCC
  • Filtration efficiency averaging less than 0,5 x 105 residual leukocytes
  • RCC recovery: averaging > 90%
  • Filtration time: averaging less than 12 min
Flexible Filter ... Flexible in use !

BioR flex filter is the NEXT generation for leukocyte depletion of red cell concentrates (RCC).

The New flexible filter guarantees high filtration efficiency and stable performance, excellent recovery and easy use with a reduced filtration time.

Unique features of BioR flex filtering material

  • Melt-blown non-woven polyester
  • Neutral charge coated fiber surface
  • Excellent wetting characteristic
  • High biocompatibility

Easy handling

  • Integrated pre-filter
  • No priming needed
  • Vertical flow filtration
  • Automatic filter emptying by self-collapsing

Excellent safety

  • High level of leukocyte and platelet depletion
  • Stable performances in wide range of user conditions
  • Sterile air-venting system
  • Complete traceability