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Fresenius Kabi is a leading international healthcare company focusing on products for transfusion and blood processing. It continuously works to improve a complete portfolio to collect and process blood. Its developments in blood transfusion equipment, disposables, apheresis, autotransfusion and data management are achieved in consultation with international experts in transfusion medicine.

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  • Faster procedure setup
  • Streamlined collection with fewer alerts and less operator intervention
  • Advanced alarm management



  • Filtration efficiency < 0.1 x 106 residual leukocytes
  • PLT recovery: averaging 92% platelet recovery
  • Filtration time: averaging 5.30 min



  • Filtration efficiency averaging less than 0.5 x 105 residual leukocytes
  • RCC recovery: averaging > 90%
  • Filtration time: averaging less than 12 min



  • Multiple safety systems = focused on donor / patient safety
  • Yield prediction for stem cell collection
  • Built-in printer and BP cuff



  • Improved cooling system for safe and standardized cooling of whole blood at 20 – 24°C
  • Improved filtration
  • Easy to clean
  • Optimal for mobile use



  • More comfort
  • Improved safety
  • New design



  • Patented waferless solution
  • Operates within a fully controlled sterile connecting process
  • Enables the highly efficient chain pooling method for pooling buffy coats
  • Certifications: CE marked, UL approved



  • Optenna for optimal donation supervision
  • Safety clamp prevents air from entering the collection bag
  • Donor engagement to improve donation process
  • In-line tray for optimal results
  • Blood Flow Indication

Compomat G5+


  • Flexibility to work with all blood bag types on the market
  • Maximised efficiency
  • Reduced risk of RSI and hemolysis
  • Advanced technological platform
  • Exchangeable modules for automatic breaking of standard blood bag breaker cannulas

Composeal Mobilea II


  • High quality seals
  • Reliable operations
  • Quick and easy handling
  • Process control ensures leakage detection

Composeal Slim


  • High quality seals
  • Reliable operations
  • Quick and easy handling
  • Cascade possibility (segment sealing)



  • Convenient blood processing
  • Short filtration time
  • Minimum volume loss + high RBC recovery
  • Robust filter performance independent of process conditions

Apheresis (COM.TEC)

  • Platelet Apheresis Kit
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Kit
  • Stem Cell Collection / WBC Depletion Kit

Apheresis (Amicore)

  • Platelet Apheresis Kit

Compomat G5 plus

  • Compoflex 4F Top & Bottom bag
  • Composelect Top & Bottom bag with in line filter

Leukoreduction Filters

  • Platelet Leukoreduction Filter (Bed Side)
  • Red Cell Leukoreduction Filter (Bed Side)
  • Red Cell Leukoreduction Filter (Blood Bank Side)