About Us

Grepcor Diamonde Inc

is one of the most reputable and reliable providers of diagnostics and medical devices in the burgeoning healthcare industry in the Philippines.

Grepcor came to existence to provide answer to challenges that customers and healthcare professionals face with regards to the need for quality products and services.

From its humble beginnings in 1995, Grepcor has grown to be a formidable force in the industry by providing comprehensive solutions to customers that include a fine mix of premium hospitals, free-standing laboratories, and medical clinics. In April 2009, the Diagnostic Monitoring Device (Diamonde) of Fernando Medical Enterprises Group (FMEI) merged with Grepcor, Inc. which gave birth to GREPCOR DIAMONDE INC.

By consistently adhering to its credo "We deliver the Difference", Grepcor Diamonde has anchored its success on sound fundamental strategies starting with its esteemed roster of professional personnel, and ably supported by its systematic processes and modern infrastructure. As a steadfast purveyor of quality, Grepcor Diamonde successfully pursued in advance the upgrade of its ISO 9001:2008 accreditation to the new standard ISO 9001:2015, garnering citations for good practices in Performance Management, Infrastructure, Service and Technical Applications support.

Adhering to the belief that beyond one's duties, creating bonds with customers is much noble a calling that is a source of endless inspiration. Thus partnering with Grepcor Diamonde goes beyond the delivery of products and services but extends to forging a trusting and long lasting business relationship.

About Us

Vision & Mission


We aim to be a profitable company that belongs to the Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines.


We provide diagnostics tools to guide decision-making and foster improved patient outcomes.

We are a professional marketing company that distributes products of global repute which satisfy the needs of our customers.

All these we do to support life.

About Us

Core Values


We deliver quality results on time.


We stand and act on what we believe is true, just and fair.


We pursue better approaches and changes towards achieving our goals.


We optimize use of our resources to ensure profitable growth in the most-cost effective way.

Bleeds Orange and Green

I am a Grepcor Citizen

Delivers Results

Self- starting, takes necessary action without being told, initiates solutions to problems; insists on the pursuit of excellent workmanship, shows passion for achieving quality; pursues and does not waver even at the face of adversity.

Cares for Customer

Cheerful disposition in serving needs of customers even beyond call of duty; expresses consistently that the customer is King!

Works Well with Others

Demands team-oriented behaviour and insists on personal accountability for such behaviour; sensitive to the needs of co-workers, cares enough to help a colleague in need of support.

Lives with Integrity

Walks his talk – a Positive Role Model! Honest in representation, declaration, statements, claims.

Develops People

Keen interest on coaching and assessing developmental needs of subordinates; delegates challenging assignments and opens opportunities for development.