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Providing Comprehensive HealthCare Solutions

Laboratory Diagnostics

We offer a comprehensive portfolio for central laboratory which includes Chemistry, Hematology, Immuno-Serology, Clinical Microscopy and Blood Banking with common strengths and characteristics of being globally renowned, the standard where all major platforms are measured against and are market leaders in their respective fields.

Point of Care

Our reach extends to emergency and critical care units, offering a premium point-of-care product line for Cardiac Biomarkers, Blood Gas Analysis and Hemoglobin Determination for immediate, accurate and bed side result reporting.

Medical Devices

Dedicated to maintain the highest level of blood safety, patient mobility and comfort, we take pride in providing reliable range of blood bank equipment and hospital beds that suits your needs.

Technical Support

Our credo to deliver the difference is echoed by our outstanding Service and Technical Applications team who are equipped with the state of the art tools and facilities, sharpened by experience, and polished by extensive and continual training.

Products of Global Repute

Comprehensive Product Range