Fresenius Kabi

Compomat G5

Product Specification
(H x W x D)
20” x 14” x 21” (without PL- and RBC scales)
20” x 17” x 21” (with RBC scale)
20” x 22” x 21” (with PL- and RBC scales)
Weight ~66 lbs.
Power supply / Max. Power Consumption 100-240V, 50-60Hz / 240 VA
UL UL® approved
System requirements CompoMaster NET G5 software operates with the following systems:
  • Intel® compatible CPU Min. 1.5GHz
  • HDD Min. 20 GB
  • RAM 1.5 GB
  • Monitor Min. 1042 x 768 resolution (xGA), 17” Monitor recommended
  • CD/DVD drive, min. one free USB port (USB 2.0)
The latest generation of automated blood component separators

The CompoMat G5 Plus standardizes blood component separation by combining the innovations of the CompoFiow closure device and wide-bore tubing for faster top and bottom separation.

The CompoMat G5 Plus combines innovations into one system for a faster top and bottom separation time than with standard tubing.

CompoFlow® cap principle

The traditional bag breaker is replaced by a patented cap, automatically squeezed by the CompoMat G5 Plus opener.

Advantages of the CompoFlow bag system

  • Standardized positioning, squeezing, and opening of the CompoFlow cap; fully automated
  • Special form coding prevents application errors
  • Reduced risk of hemolysis due to incorrect processing is especially attributed by standardization of the breakaway opening process
  • More operator comfort

Wide bore tubing

  • Average separation time with Top and Bottom system typically 2 minutes
  • Large diameter reduces processing time up to 26%
  • Low hemolysis rate