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Who are we?

About Us

Marketing, distribution of Diagnostics & Medical Device

Over 23 years in business

Nationwide coverage

100% Filipino-owned

ISO 9001:2015-Certified

World-class organization

Our Critical 4P's

Products of global repute

People who deliver the difference

Processes that drive productivity, deliver customer satisfaction

Power of the Grepcor brand


" Grepcor Diamonde is the best place to develop into vast possibilities. Every day is a fresh page with a different story of serving the customers and learning from the experiences. It’s simply exhilarating! "

Fatima Imbang / Product Specialist

" With its high regard in equipping its employee with the best learning opportunity, Grepcor provides a conducive environment to learn and in my short stint in Grepcor Diamonde Inc., I can confidently say that I’ve matured and grown as a person... "

John Acener Padua / Product Specialist

" Grepcor Diamonde is a professional company composed of individuals who endeavor to deliver the difference. To be part of this team is like being in a roller coaster ride; exciting, mind blowing and it never gets boring... "

Kristine Ann Morales / Sr. RAQA Supervisor

Our Quality Policy

We, at Grepcor Diamonde, drive to become a world-class organization and strive to conduct our business with total commitment to our Customers and their requirements. We define quality as conformance to our Customers’ needs and conformance to all quality requirements.


At Grepcor Diamonde, we are dedicated to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction!

We will achieve this by:

Delivering quality products and services that conform to the requirements of our Customers and of pertinent regulatory authorities;

Understanding the requirements of our jobs, the systems that support us, as well as understanding how our jobs fit into the overall flow of work at Grepcor Diamonde;

Ensuring that our Policies and Procedures are suitable, reflect what we do and what our customers need, and that these are validated through periodic management reviews;

Making continuous improvement a part of our every day engagement and our every job;

Communicating our quality policy to all our employees, checking and helping each other in embracing quality as our personal commitment;

Embedding in our heart that we are here because of our Customers! And remembering that our customers are the reason we have our jobs.