Triage MeterPro


Connectivity via the Quidel Triage Census® Advanced Test Management (ATM) System

  • Comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing Quidel Triage Systems, providing data reports, meter and operator control and QC analysis
  • Flexible interfacing module that can be used to communicate with third-party systems

The Quidel Triage System is designed to provide results quickly and easily

  • Flexibility with customizable test panels via Test Select™ feature(option to select tests as required).
  • Eliminate subjectivity of human interpretation with objective dataon an automated test system, which may accelerate decision making near the patient.
  • Faster time to results may contribute to faster patient disposition,reduced length of stay and increased ED throughput.

Automated. Calibrated. Connected.

Fast quantitative results in about 15-20 minutes

The Quidel Triage MeterPro is utilized in thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide. A comprehensive test menu provides the diagnostic answers you need to make rapid, cost-effective treatment decisions at the point-of-care (POC).


The Quidel Triage System may accelerate decision making for the most critical conditions including heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, myocardial infarction,and thromboembolic events.

Lab Quality at POC Speed

  • Results in about 15-20 minutes
  • Quality Controls built into the meter, software and test devices
  • Lot-specific assay calibration (vialot-specific CODE CHIP™ module)
  • External QC material available for Total Quality Assurance
  • Operator ID and QC lockouts
  • Batch patient testing possible with multiple devices providing the test device is run within 30 minutes of sample addition
  • Whole blood, plasma or urine samples

Simple Operation, Low Maintenance

  • Requires no special expertise or extensive training
  • Barcode reader for patient and operator ID
  • No maintenance other than paper and battery replacement, and periodic external cleaning
  • Quantitative diagnostic panel results are displayed and printed in easy to read numbers and highlighted when the result is above the Expected Value
  • Qualitative diagnostic panel results are displayed and printed as positive (POS) or negative(NEG), eliminating the need for interpretation of lines

Product Specification
Measurable Range
Troponin l CK-MB Myoglobin BNP D-Dimer NT-proBNP
Alere Triage®
Cardiac Panel
0.05-30 ng/mL 1.0-80 ng/mL 5-500 ng/mL
Alere Triage®
Profiler SOB™ Panel
0.05-30 ng/mL 1.0-80 ng/mL 5-500 ng/mL 5-5,000 pg/mL 100-5,000 ng/mL
Alere Triage®
Troponin I Test
0.01-10 ng/mL
Alere Triage®
Cardio2 Panel
0.01-10 ng/mL 5-5,000 pg/mL
Alere Triage®
Cardio3 Panel
0.01-10 ng/mL 1.0-80 ng/mL 5-5,000 pg/mL
Alere Triage®
BNP Test
5-5,000 pg/mL
Alere Triage®
NT-proBNP Test
20-35,000 pg/mL
Alere Triage®
D-Dimer Test
100-5,000 ng/mL